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  • Susan Berry

Tiny Visitor

The red glass of the bottle-shaped hummingbird feeder that is outside of my living room window glistens in the morning sunlight as I take the first sip of my tea. The spring day looks promising with its clear blue sky and gentle breeze. Taking another sip, my eyes are fixed on the window for I know any moment, little winged creatures will come visiting. As if on cue, circling the feeder, the first one has arrived. I can hear the whisper of buzzing wings through the open window as I watch the hummingbird pick its spot. Barely perched and flying horizontally to the feeder, its long, black beak plunges into a small opening to drink in the sweet, sugary nectar. Pulling out, its rapidly flapping wings keep it airborne, then it lunges forward once again for another drink. With the last of my tea wetting my lips, I watch my tiny friend fly away. “Safe travels” I bid as I revel in the visual gift I just received.

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