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Welcome Fall!

Ever wonder why the start of the fall season seems so magical? Is it the crisp morning

air that accompanies the light dew on the front lawn? Or perhaps the throw blankets that

have come out of their summer resting place in the hall closet to be sprinkled on our

living room furniture, beckoning us to read the next great novel while curled up with a

cup of our favorite hot beverage?

The color-changing leaves on the trees remind us that our own life has seasons, too. That each transition we go through is a time for reflection. To stop for a moment and take stock of what’s important to us. We are constantly evolving into someone new. And with any luck, a better us.

So let’s embrace the fall and celebrate all it has to offer. And just like the leaves on the trees, accept the changes in our lives with colorful enchantment.

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