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Moments of the Heart Series

Where Love and Romance come alive...

Join city girl Maggie Campbell as she rediscovers her roots on her ancestral family strawberry farm. Follow her heartwarming journey, filled with  unexpected romance under the ever-watchful
companion, George, the precaution cat. Get ready to be enthralled in the joys and complexities of
life in this captivating three-book series, Moments of the Hearts.

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Cherished Heart Series

Beneath the Evergreens is a captivating tale set in the nineteenth century, shedding light on the untold stories of the courageous women who contributed to the logging industry during World War II. This romance novel follows the inspiring journey of the resilient "Lumberjills" as they form unbreakable bonds and discover love amidst the challenges of their time and paints a vivid picture of strength, friendship, and romance against the backdrop of historical turmoil.


Stand Alone Books

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