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Summertime Dreams

I have such fond memories of summers past. It's incredible how simple things like the ice cream truck, playing outdoors with the neighborhood children, and sharing a BBQ meal with loved ones can bring so much happiness. These simple joys of life made my youth summers extra special.

I recall playing for hours until my mom called me in for dinner. Bedtime was always extended until sundown, and we'd gather for impromptu baseball games at the field behind the elementary school. I cherish memories of cookouts, block parties, farmers' markets, and festivals. These activities have always defined summer for me. It's unfortunate that community gatherings seem to be less popular now, with so much emphasis on the internet and social media. However, I believe we can bring back the summers of our youth by organizing a summer party with like-minded friends and inviting the neighbors to join in. Who knows, we might even start a new trend on Tiktok. So dust off that grill and let's make this the summer of our dreams!

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