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The morning ritual at my house is usually filled with a buzz of activity. But as soon as all the commotion settles, you can usually find me looking out my living room window and drinking my morning tea. And almost every morning since the beginning of summer, I've heard a clicking sound penetrate the open window.

I take a sip of my tea as I watch the little neighbor girl, no more than three. ride her tiny bike past my house with her mother walking close behind. Her training wheels are the culprit of the sound as her little sandaled feet push the pedals with all her might, her knees bobbing up and down, and her handlebars, ever so slightly, swaying side to side.

Her mother and I exchange waves as they pass, and I can’t help but smile at the simple pleasure of it all. A visual reminder to me that life is more than our troubles, but a delicious feast of joy if one knows where to look.

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